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What We Do

Our goal is to be able to incubate/accelerate/fund 5 businesses per year if not more. Our approach is going to be a bit different than most as we will be able to offer the technology frameworks and support teams in their development and going to market journey. Startups need this to go through their initial stages of growth.

Business Development

The business innovator will be moving into their new offices at 801 Joe Mann Boulevard in fall of 2019 and will be an investment of over 1MM to the City of Midland.

Financial Guidance

Gene-5 will provide financial guidance and execution as well as funding if needed to selected technology startups in Michigan. Such startups will operate under the mentorship of Gene-5

Emerging Technologies

The focus of Gene-5 is on the opportunities presented to us by the emerging technologies of the 4th-Industrial Revolution. Such technologies include Artificial Intelligence and advanced networking such as 5G, 

About Gene-5

We know what our strengths are which are in business development, emerging technologies, hospitality, and medical technology.  Our goal is to build the machine that builds and accelerates business growth.  And we all have ties to the Great Lakes Bay Region so we decided to do this here. Several projects have been executed or are already underway.

Commitment to the Great Lakes Bay Region

We want to accelerate business and community growth.  Our founders and partners all have ties to the Great Lakes Bay Region so we decided to do this here.  Our region is vibrant and full of potential and growth.  We want to catalyze that growth by attracting startups to our communities and deepen and strengthen all of our roots to our community. 

Contact Us

If you’d like more info about Gene-5, please get ahold of us using the info below or the contact form.

Offices opening fall 2019
801 Joe Mann Blvd
Midland, MI 48640

(989) 906-4767

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